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“My daughter has been training for 2 years at Odyssey. It is a great school and high level coaches who do a great job with the kids!”

Michael L.

“After training at Odyssey many years ago, it was a easy pick for my wife and I to choose this well run and easy going dojo. But what has come from their teaching was unexpected. Our son struggles with his attention for many sports. The only constant is karate. His concentration and his ability to learn and grow in all aspects of his training is beyond our expectations. That is due to the care and effort that all of the black belts put into their teaching. Master Mc. has the know how and ability to reach many children. We are very grateful to him and all that he has done for us.”

Matt M.

“Confidence, patience instilled here. Great instructors.”

Larry B.

“Just like the epic poem that shares its name, Odyssey Karate has provided me with a long and exciting journey that has been and continues to be an epic voyage of eventful discovery.”

Matthew Q.

“Great place my girls have been here a year and what they are accomplishing is amazing! Great instructor!”

Kaleisha E.

“We could not ask for a better place to be a part of. If you are thinking of taking up the art, you have to stop in sometime!”

Krista D.

“Odyssey Karate is an extraordinary school for all ages. It teaches you multiple skills that you will use in life such as self defense and social skills.”

Keith H.

“Awesome place great instructors!! Small classes !!”

Michele M.

“I can’t say enough good things about Odyssey Karate. My son has trained there for the past 5+ years. His increased strength, flexibility, and confidence is a direct result of the wonderful instructors. Highly recommend this program.”

Megan L.

Leave us your comments, reviews, or feedback below, on Google, or on our Facebook Page.

One comment on “Reviews
  1. Dakesha Charles says:

    My son had his first lesson and the atmosphere was so welcoming, followed by the greatest lesson. Afterwards, my son says “mommy, I want to be a martial arts instructor and have my own school, one day!”

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