Odyssey has programs to accommodate students ages 8 and older. Our students practice traditional Tang Soo Do at levels of experience ranging from beginner to the most advanced. Instruction is delivered in a traditional, professional way by an experienced, black belt team within an environment that students find most positive and nurturing. Many students, parents, and visitors have commented on the family atmosphere that is quickly recognized upon visitation or participation at our facility.

Children’s Program (Ages 8-12)

This program at Odyssey Karate is designed to focus on developing the physical aspects of Tang Soo Do training. Young students will learn and practice:

  • efficient movement through practice of traditional forms (hyungs)
  • one-step sparring techniques
  • a variety of striking/kicking based drills

Learning how to perform these techniques at a high level requires a great amount of repetition and self discipline for many years.

At Odyssey Karate we do our best to continually find new, fun and innovative ways for students to refine the important fundamental techniques inherent in Tang Soo Do. As students in this program mature they will be introduced to basic elements of self-defense to prepare them for more serious study of the personal protection related aspects of our art as an adult.


Adult/Teen Program (Ages 13 and up)

The Adult/Teen program at Odyssey Karate is designed to focus on developing both the physical and mental aspects of Tang Soo Do training. Because older teens and adults normally display higher levels of coordination, self discipline and cognitive ability they are held to a higher standard. Adults and Teens learn the same physical aspects of Tang Soo Do techniques as the children.

They refine these techniques with the guidance of our instructors and years of repetition. As they gain the ability to perform these techniques with competency, they will begin to explore the meaning of these techniques as they relate to the original intent of the martial art (personal protection).

Training on a high level as an adult student involves significantly more dedication outside the school that includes reading and critically thinking about martial arts, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and constant dedication to improving one’s overall character.




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