Meet Sa Bom Nim John McManus

I began my career as an educator in 1976 teaching elementary school in the Coatesville Area School District. I spent many of my nearly 30 years in the district teaching fifth grade students at Kings Highway Elementary and upon retirement another ten years serving as a substitute teacher in several local school districts. In 1987, I decided to enroll my son, and later my daughter, in a local Tang Soo Do school. Within a year, I could no longer ignore my interest in Tang Soo Do and began my own study of the art.

John McManus - Odyssey Karate, Thorndale, PA

In 1994, after six years of diligent training, I attained the rank of second-degree black belt and decided to combine my enthusiasm for martial arts with my experience in education and founded Odyssey Karate. Since then, I’ve had the honor of teaching and mentoring thousands of Chester County’s finest people of all ages.

I take pride in identifying what makes each student unique and use my experience to adapt a teaching style to help each student grow as a martial artist and as an individual. One of the bittersweet parts of my public-school teaching experience was working with wonderful children and having them move on after spending only nine months with them. The blessing of being a karate instructor is that I’ve had the opportunity to watch many of the children with whom I’ve interacted grow well into their teens and adulthood.

I’m known for my relaxed, easygoing personality, which creates a welcoming environment for those interested in martial arts training to come in and try a class.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Hi Everyone, I am excited to announce that Odyssey Karate will be hosting a new workshop on April 27th. It is called "Maintaining Mind/Body Integration for Therapists, Clinicians and Caregivers". This is one of the areas of my work that I am most passionate about because it gives me the opportunity to help those that help others. There is description of the workshop below. I also have attached a flyer with details on the date, time and location. Be sure to RSVP to reserve a space in the workshop. - Josh McManus - Maintaining Mind/Body Integration for Therapists, Clinicians and Caregivers The empathic relationships that we have with those that we care for can have a variety of effects on our physical, emotional and mental wellness. For those of us with occupations that center around helping others, this can have a significant impact on our overall well-being. This course is designed to provide therapists, clinicians and caregivers with tools and strategies to manage the effects of the empathic relationships they have with the patients they care for. - Improve your capacity to connect to those that you care for. Avoid physical, mental and emotional burnout Build a strong rapport with your patients while maintaining healthy boundaries. Josh McManus will explore a series of practices from the Chinese mind/body discipline of qigong to help those who care for others manage their physical, emotional and mental wellness. This course is ideal for therapists, nurses, teachers, clinicians, counselors, caregivers or anyone else who spends a significant portion of their time helping others in need. - RSVP today to join in on this unique experience! - #karate#meditation#pennsylvania#pakarate#karatekid#downingtown#downingtownpa#coatesville#brandywine#downingtownschools##yoga#westchester#westchesterpa#westcesterschools#brandywineschool#karateschool